Feminine somatic coaching online

Find a harmonious relationship with your feminine body & let go of your traumas

Are you in this situation…

Are you experiencing anxiety, overwhelming emotions and survival mode even though you feel that something else is possible?

Do you want to release deeply rooted emotions through the body?

Do you feel frozen, stuck and powerless while a part of you would like to emerge and be alive and fulfilled?

I have created a somatic therapeutic methodology to support your healing to:


  • Repair the trauma inhabiting your body’s memory at the origin of your stress
  • Improve your relationship with your feminine body to access greater self-esteem and security in your intimate relationships, and autonomy in your well-being
  • Transform what is blocking you and is preventing you from moving forward in life
  • Feel your inner strength and confidence
  • Embody your true feminine nature, and harmonize your cycles
  • Connect with your intuition & creativity

How it works

– Private 60min sessions of clinical therapy to repair traumas in the body (packages available)

– Short exercises to do at home between each session

– Corinne’s support, monitoring, guidance and follow-up after each sessions

– All from your home, at your own pace

A big thank you to Corinne Deva for her therapeutic support.

She offered me a caring and safe space to reconnect with my body and reach memories imbued with emotional charges. The awareness and liberation I accessed have had a direct impact on my connection with myself and in my daily life.

I feel lighter, more at ease and gentle towards myself, like an inner reconciliation. Her guidance provided me with new practical tools to use in moments where I feel emotionally destabilized.

Patricia Le Fur

I regularly have private sessions with Corinne and each time Corinne manages to understand exactly what I need for my well-being. Her global approach helps my body and mind realign in a coherent way with my whole being. She has the gift of taking unexpected pathways, always in a gentle way. She is obviously passionate, competent and very attentive. I highly recommend her.

Nathalie Chenel

Corinne knows how to create a climate of trust and surrender both in her private sessions and the group classes in which I participated.

Thanks to her intuition, her humility, her keen listening skills, her competence and her openness to others, her sessions bring many benefits for the body, mind and soul.

Monique Fournier

The changes you can expect…

    Clients who have worked with me have noticed greater emotional stability, relief from menstrual pain, more energy and creativity, better self-confidence, more harmony in their relationships, their sex life and with themselves.

    The most important thing – they no longer fight or feel betrayed by their body.

    They feel free and connected to the natural pleasure of being in their body, in contact with their intuition to navigate their life with stability and confidence

    I have gone to Corinne for private sessions where she helped me restore calmness, ease and a greater awareness of my core. In all of our meetings as a teacher & therapist, Corinne has always been thoughtful, informed, well-organized and effective.

    Dawn Dodds

    Corinne is an exceptionally gifted teacher and therapist. She has tremendous skills and a natural intuitive capacity to support the body’s healing capacities.

    I have had the opportunity to work with Corinne on several occasions when I was experiencing emotional or physical stress, and her teachings have always put me back onto the path of healing and wellness. Her presence is both gentle and wise, and her work goes deep!

    Rebekah H, Couple & Family therapist

    nature cyclique

    Who I am

    My name is Corinne, I am happy to welcome you in my virtual therapy space.

    I combine the clinical trauma resolution therapy Somatic Experiencing™, cycle tracking, exploration of unconscious beliefs and Taoist energy practices for women.

    I offer 15 years of experience in the arts of feminine healing to help you find your inner resources so that you can experience a more fulfilled femininity – in your cycles, your sexuality, your fertility, postpartum & beyond.

    » Details of my training here

    Since 2021 – Somatic Experiencing™ trauma resolution training, SOS International, UK

    2023 – Advanced Strategies for Working with Sexual Trauma and Sexuality, Ariel Giarretto

    2023 – Advanced Somatic Skills for Perinatal Trauma, Dr Abi Blakeslee

    2019-2021 – Womb Medicine Woman Training™ with Melanie Swan, Trauma and Womb healing coaching

    2019 – Holistic pelvic healing avec Asia Suler

    2018 – Mentorship in Yoga, Meditation and spiritual practices for women, with the brilliant and courageous Sara Avant Stover

    2018 – Teacher training in Taoist practices, health of the female reproductive organs and rites of passage in a woman’s life, with the flamboyant Minke De Vos and Shashi Solluna;

    2017 – Certificate of teaching Mindfulness meditation with the generous Marie-Ève Lécine

    2015-16 – Certificate in Insight Meditation with none other than Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield

    2013 – Teaching certificate in Yin yoga, with Biff Mithoefer & Prema Mayi

    2012-13 – Certificate in Zen Shiatsu and Perinatal Shiatsu at the Guijek School

    2012 – Hatha yoga teacher training and introduction to Ayurveda with the sweet Linda Madani and her team

    2012 – Certificate in hormonal therapeutic yoga, with the unique Dinah Rodriguez.

    2010-11 – Hatha yoga teacher training with the inspiring Lyne St Roch, Montreal

    2010 – Teaching certificate in pre and postnatal yoga with Mélanie Chevarie

    2007-08 – Certificate in Indian ayurvedic massage: yoga therapy and abhyanga massage

    My approach is unique


    « Crises, upheavals and illnesses do not arise by chance. They serve as indicators for us to rectify a trajectory, explore new avenues, experiment with a new path in life. »

    Carl G. Jung