Are you ready to reconnect with your body, your cycles & heal from trauma to restore the magic of your

feminine essence?

Welcome, I’m Corinne

I am here to help restore the feminine principle on our planet and guide you back to your essence.


I support women in the multidimensional nature of feminine healing, through integrative somatic psychotherapy in private and online group programs.
I am committed to sharing guidance, resources and lessons to help you find and reveal your true, free & radiant nature.

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As a woman, you hold incredible potential for healing and bodily wisdom… much more than you have been told.

Your needs are unique for your body, your emotions and your spirituality. They are not respected in our modern and very masculine society.

I am here to guide you into embodying your greatest potential of well-being and self-expression, thanks to the clinical trauma resolution therapy Somatic Experiencing™, cycle tracking, shadow work, Taoist energy practices for women’s health, etc.

Feeling good about yourself, happy in your life and well in your body is not a challenge of perfection or a ready-made recipe, it is a path paved with authenticity and a caring presence.

And the good news is that it is accessible on a daily basis with all the resources you already have within you!

I am here to guide you and help you realign with your body, mind and feminine spirit. Contact me to start today!

What they say

I regularly have private sessions with Corinne and each time Corinne manages to understand exactly what I need for my well-being. Her global approach helps my body and mind realign in a coherent way with my whole being. She has the gift of taking unexpected pathways, always in a gentle way. She is obviously passionate, competent and very attentive. I highly recommend her.

Nathalie Chenel

Corinne offered me a caring and safe space to reconnect with my body and reach memories imbued with emotional charges. The awareness and liberation I accessed have had a direct impact on my connection with myself and in my daily life.

I feel lighter, more at ease and gentle towards myself, like an inner reconciliation. Her guidance provided me with new practical tools to use in moments where I feel emotionally destabilized.

A big thank you to Corinne Deva for her therapeutic support.

Patricia Le Fur, singer

Corinne is an exceptionally gifted teacher and therapist. She has tremendous skills and natural intuitive capacity to support the body’s healing capacities. I have had the opportunity to work with Corinne on several occasions when I was experiencing emotional or physical stress, and her teachings have always put me back onto the path of healing and wellness. Her presence is both gentle and wise, and her work goes deep!

Rebekah H., Couple and family therapist

Corinne has supported me with coaching and teachings before & throughout my pregnancy and it helped me a lot to relieve/accept my body changes. She is a very warm, dedicated, inspiring person who involves people on her very good energy.

Jacqueline Esteves