Welcome, I am Corinne Deva

I help women heal & come back to their true nature

As a creative, a teacher and a therapist for womanhood, my mission is to support women on their path to healing from trauma and to their true potential.

I trust that every woman has within her the wisdom she needs to heal, to flourish, to shine. Above all, we need to be supported, resourced and surrounded to reclaim our well-being and our inner power in a lasting way.

I believe that by connecting to our physical and spiritual center, the womb, and by regulating & freeing our nervous system from the painful imprints of the past, we can retrieve our true balanced nature.

How did I reconnect with my femininity?

I have gone through many paths and it has not always been easy for me to be in my femininity and my authentic power.

I learned the hard way that perfectionism and productivity – which seemed to serve me so well in the first phase of my life (success in school, being a “good girl,” a good worker), could not sustain me for the rest of my life.

One day when I was 28, sitting in my small office in a large government building, and following a painful romantic breakup, I felt empty and sad.

At that moment, I realized that this mechanism which had defined me for years – and defines the patriarchal society in which we live, had also stifled and repressed my sensitivity and my creativity: my connection to the very essence of my femininity!

It was then that I discovered body movement (yoga, then female Qigong) and learned how the mind, emotions and the nervous system work. I started to practice listening to myself and to my cyclical nature. It slowly led me to my true path. I healed myself from irregular and painful periods, a nervous breakdown, low self-esteem & complex post-traumatic stress disorders.

I could learn to access my intuition step by step. This voice that is born with us, which is our birthright, but sometimes we lose the connection with it in the course of life.

It is this “voice” who led me to pursue my ever-renewed quest to restore my femininity and be at the service of all women.

» Details of my training here

since 2021 – Somatic Experiencing™ trauma resolution training, SOS International, UK

2023 – Advanced Strategies for Working with Sexual Trauma and Sexuality, Ariel Giarretto

2023 – Advanced Somatic Skills for Perinatal Trauma, Dr Abi Blakeslee

2019-2021 – Womb Medicine Woman Training™ with Melanie Swan, Trauma and Womb healing coaching

2018 – Mentorship in Yoga, Meditation and spiritual practices for women, with the brilliant and courageous Sara Avant Stover

2018 – Teacher training in Taoist practices, health of the female reproductive organs and rites of passage in a woman’s life, with the flamboyant Minke De Vos and Shashi Solluna;

2017 – Certificate of teaching Mindfulness meditation with the generous Marie-Ève Lécine

2015-16 – Certificate in Insight Meditation with none other than Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield

2013 – Teaching certificate in Yin yoga, with Biff Mithoefer & Prema Mayi

2012-13 – Certificate in Zen Shiatsu and Perinatal Shiatsu at the Guijek School

2012 – Hatha yoga teacher training and introduction to Ayurveda with the sweet Linda Madani and her team

2012 – Certificate in hormonal therapeutic yoga, with the unique Dinah Rodriguez.

2010-11 – Hatha yoga teacher training with the inspiring Lyne St Roch, Montreal

2010 – Teaching certificate in pre and postnatal yoga with Mélanie Chevarie

2007-08 – Certificate in Indian ayurvedic massage: yoga therapy and abhyanga massage

Here’s what I’ve learned…

  • the specificity of the female body is to introduce the woman to her hidden gifts & powers,
  • making the cyclical intelligence of the female body invisible leads to extinguish its healing and creative abilities (our bodies are a blessing, not a curse),
  • the oppression of the patriarchal values shrinks our neurophysiological system and cuts us off from the power of the female body,
  • wanting to heal, flourish, manifest our dreams requires our commitment and devotion to turn inward (towards the womb center) & to stop seeking validation outside,
  • touching our inner strength is inseparable from freeing the body from the traumas trapped within it.

Finding your way back to your femininity requires courage and curiosity.

You are in the right place if…

  • you feel far from your body and the aspirations of your heart
  • you think you are too imperfect to fully embody your femininity
  • you want to be supported and guided to realease the wounds of your past

I am here to help you become friend with your feminine experience, harmonize the fluctuations of your body and your heart and find within yourself your innate vitality and wisdom.

Welcome to this virtual temple. May our time together open the way to your inner essence.

With love,